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19th Century Sculpture Seems to Be Holding a Smartphone

Jack Caulfield
January 31st 2018
Today's peculiar image comes from New York's Met Museum. No, the woman depicted in the sculpture isn't holding a smartphone!

Speech Development Lost in Screens

Elle Zhan Wei
May 19th 2017
A study shows that screen time for kids between six months and two years triggers expressive speech delay.

Put Your Phone on Theatre Mode in Cinemas

Ruben Baart
January 7th 2017
A new feature rumored to be in the next iOS update called Theater Mode could dim smartphone usage in cinemas.

The Reinvention of Children’s Books

Mathilde Nakken
November 16th 2016
Why are children still learning to read from a book? Therefore Amazon is reinventing the children’s book in the form of an educational reading app, called Rapids.

Flip-Flop Selfie

Mathilde Nakken
September 26th 2016
These two boys use the nap of their flip-flop as a camera to take an imaginary selfie. Still, their selfie went viral and it became our peculiar image of the week.

In Defense of the Eggplant

Ruben Baart
September 2nd 2016
The eggplant emoji became a political weapon and gain cult status being the forbidden fruit of the web.

Virtual Bedtime Stories

Ruben Baart
May 8th 2016
Samsung just revealed the prototype version of Bedtime VR Stories, a technology that connects parents to their children in virtual reality, right before bedtime.

The New Cinema Is Smartphone-Friendly

Margherita Olivo
April 21st 2016
Cinemas for Millennials will include special sections where texting is allowed.

Next Nature and Next Generations

Elise Marcus
April 17th 2016
Our workshop with kids from Lanterna Magica, an unconventional primary school in Amsterdam.

Father Hires Gamers to Virtually Kill His Son

Margherita Olivo
March 6th 2016
This father in China hired some professional gamers to find his son on online games and kill his avatar.
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