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Farming in Silico

Jack Caulfield
October 18th 2017
Farming is more than manual labor. The hard part is knowing how to get the best yield. Thankfully, there’s an app for that: growing crops in silico.

Growing Mushrooms on Grass

Alec Schellinx
August 8th 2017
The Juncao Technology Project makes it possible to grow edible and medicinal fungi on chopped grass or herbal plants.

Heart Repair with Spinach Leaves

Julie Reindl
April 19th 2017
Scientists developed a procedure to repair your heart with a spinach leaf.

A Truly Exotic Fruit: the Space Mango

Julie Reindl
April 10th 2017
Scientists sent mango embryos to space lab in order to let them develop new genetic traits.

Meet the Emoji Snake

Julie Reindl
April 4th 2017
Python breeder designed emoji snake.

GM Ants Show How Insect Societies Work

Julie Reindl
March 10th 2017
Scientists gene modify ants in order to find out more about their social behavior.

Print Your House in a Day!

Julie Reindl
March 9th 2017
A Russian construction firm prints houses in 24 hours on site with their mobile 3D printer.

Grow Your Own Bio Bot

Julie Reindl
February 28th 2017
Researches at the University of Illinois released a step by step guide to build 3D printed bio robots with living muscles.

Scientists Create Ghost Heart

Julie Reindl
February 23rd 2017
The Texas Heart Institute researches in the field of organ transplantation. With the “ghost heart” — an heart organ scrubbed clean of all its former cells, the researches are on the verge of creating a sustainable and effective way of transplanting organs.

Fungal Futures: the Mushrooms Utopia

Federico Andreotti
February 7th 2017
Exhibition Fungal Futures: design with mushrooms.
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