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What will the virus teach us about life?

Van Mensvoort
April 4th 2020

We live in turbulent times. Thanks to science and technology, we are able to perceive our environment down to the atomic level. We can read DNA, manipulate cells, cut and paste viruses. Humanity is a powerful and dominant species on the planet. It is tempting to think that we are becoming gods: Homo Deus. But this is a mistake. Every now and then, a microscopic organism talks back. It tells us: Stop, slow down, reflect, here I am.

What is …

Next Generation: Get to know Valerie Daude

Ruben Baart
October 17th 2019

This story is part of Next Generation, a series in which we give young makers a platform to showcase their work. Your work here? Get in touch and plot your coordinates as we navigate our future together.

Kicking off this series is Valerie Daude, a recent MA graduate in Social Design from the Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE). She is interested in how gut bacteria play critical roles in maintaining our human health in many aspects, and aims to understand how …

Experience bio design at Dutch Design Week 2019

October 2nd 2019

Bio design crosses the border between the ‘made’ and the ‘born’. Enabling living organisms as essential design elements, it brings us products that adapt, grow, sense and repair themselves. For those new to the subject (and those in the know) who would like to gain (more) experience on what bio design encompasses; this is for you.

The Microbial Vending Machine by Emma van der Leest Bio Design Talks

We've been asked to curate a program for DDW to bring you …

This bio-brick is made out of urine mixed with sand and bacteria

Helen Swingler
October 30th 2018

The world’s first bio-brick grown from human urine has been unveiled by University of Cape Town (UCT) master’s student in civil engineering Suzanne Lambert, signalling an innovative paradigm shift in waste recovery. …

Sandra Rey wins ECO Coin Award

February 1st 2018
This year we are proud to announce that, with her ambitious work within the field of bioluminescence for Glowee, Sandra Rey is the ECO Coin Award 2017 winner.

Rothko in Salts

Alec Schellinx
December 12th 2017
The multiplication of bacteria "paints" this lake with peculiar colours. Tints vary along magenta, green and yellow, giving it Rothko-like appearance.

ECO Coin Award Interviews: Sandra Rey

Jack Caulfield
November 20th 2017
We asked Sandra Rey, our third ECO Coin Award nominee, about her company Glowee and her hopes for illuminating the future in a more sustainable way.

Bacteria Are the New Hard Drives

Daniel Fraga
July 21st 2017
DNA is the densest known storage medium in the universe - and Harvard University researchers have managed to use it to store GIFs inside bacteria.

Interview: Lining Yao, Interaction Designer and Maker of Novel Materials

Alessia Andreotti
June 29th 2017
We recently interviewed Lining Yao, Chinese interaction designer who uses organic materials as a technology that brings us back to nature.

Plastic-Eating Worm Can Help Ease Pollution

Elle Zhan Wei
May 2nd 2017
A recently discovered plastic eating worm could be used to safely digest our massive plastic waste.
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