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Q: How will a technology enter the human habitat?

Hendrik-Jan Grievink
August 13th 2019

This question is an excerpt from the Pyramid of Technology toolkit

In the late nineties, the Tamagotchi egg was released. A small egg-shaped device that contained a digital creature that the owner had to ‘breed’ and take care of. The toy somehow normalized the experience of having some digital device in your pocket that sometimes seems to live a life of its own and that needs your attention. A lot of attention. It was around the same time that the …

Q: Is the technology outside or inside your body?

Hendrik-Jan Grievink
July 18th 2019

This question is an excerpt from the Pyramid of Technology toolkit

The first computers barely fit in your living room. This all changed with the introduction of the desktop computer which sits, well, on your desk. The laptop is designed to live on your lap and your smartphone is made to live in your pocket (but has more computing power than that first computer). One conclusion could be that while computing power increases, the sizes of computers shrink — and …

Q: How will technology enchant us?

Hendrik-Jan Grievink
July 11th 2019

This question is an excerpt from the Pyramid of Technology toolkit

Take a mundane object from your house. Now ask yourself: How will this particular technology enchant me? Household objects we find mundane now, once enchanted people — why?

Arthur C. Clarke stated that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. Think about it, your smartphone is basically a black box that allows you to connect with your grandmother on the other side of the planet, as if through …

If you could have another sense, which sense would you choose?

Meike Schipper
June 26th 2018

Color-blind artist Neil Harbisson designed a brain-implanted antenna that converts colors into sound. This enables him to hear colors he cannot see, and extends his vision to ultraviolets and infrareds. As technology is rapidly advancing, and the boundaries between the body and technology are blurred and ambiguous, it seems plausible that humans will use technologies not only to enhance, but also to extend their physical capabilities. …

Next Nature Academy presents: A workshop-in-a-box for your team

June 12th 2018

Are you working on projects where technology and human interaction are involved, and are you looking for a new approach? As of today, we offer a brand new workshop concept for you and your team. In just two hours you learn how to work with the Pyramid of Technology toolbox in an active, dynamic and 100% analogue way!…

Next Nature Network x Border Sessions:
Calling for festival bloggers!

April 16th 2018

Calling all bloggers! We’d love to have you on board for the 2018 Border Sessions festival in The Hague (NL). Join our team for behind-the-scenes access to festival events.…

NEW: Next Nature Academy

November 23rd 2017
The Next Nature Academy offers the philosophy, the tools and the methods that will shift the way you think about nature and technology.

Do a Next Nature Workshop!

September 24th 2017
NNN organizes workshops using a physical Pyramid of Technology as conceptual tool.

Artificial Womb Workshop at BioClub Tokyo

August 31st 2017
On August 8, NNN gave a workshop at BioClub Tokyo to share some insights on the future of technologies concerning human reproduction, sexuality and relationships.

The City as Technology in Tokyo

August 24th 2017
Are cities in their current form really the future of the human habitat? What is a next nature version of the city and how would it look like? In line with this perspective, NNN designer Hendrik-Jan Grievink led two workshops in Tokyo.
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