Human Planet

Humanity has become a geological force

Today, the human impact on our planet can hardly be underestimated. Climate change, synthetic biology, mass urbanization – ‘We are here’ echoes all over. We have entered the Anthropocene epoch, an age where humanity and its instrumentalities are the most potent and influential geological force. Welcome to the Human Planet.

The Anthropocene Explosion

ESSAY BY Van Mensvoort
September 28th 2014

Biologically, there is nothing remarkable in the fact that humans are agents of ecological change and environmental upset. All species transform their surroundings. The dizzying complexity of landscapes on Earth is not just a happy accident of geology and climate, but the result of billions of years of organisms grazing, excavating, defecating, and decomposing. Nor is it unusual that certain lucky species are able to outcompete and eventually entirely displace other species. The Great American Interchange, when North American fauna crossed the newly formed isthmus of Panama to conquer South America three million years ago [1] is just one among countless examples of swift, large-scale extinctions resulting from competition and predation.…

The age of rust

Meet the incredible new species “Petramosaurus Cavator” and discover its impact on our planet in this short mockumentary by Aber and Mattei.

Man-Made Coral Reefs

Van Mensvoort
April 29th 2012

Last week I had the pleasure of being the studio guest at the Earth Beat radio show. I was treated with examples of 'artificial nature' and asked to respond from a Next Nature perspective.…

Surviving the Anthropocene in China

Allison Guy
August 22nd 2013

Edward Wong's fascinating personal essay reveals the extreme lengths that foreigners and wealthy Chinese go to in order to survive in a country where the air, food and water are toxic.…

Antarctica Is Turning Green

Ruben Baart
June 5th 2017

Try looking online for images of ‘Antarctica’ and rest assured you will have a series of enchanted pristine white landscapes presented to you on a silver platter.…