Hoverboarding Over the Atlantic

Elle Zhan Wei
April 15th 2017

Just three years ago, the world’s first two feet above the ground hoverboard pushed the world’s imagination further. Now, in 2017, there is a hoverboard that can fly 164 feet in the air. Do you want to cruise over the Atlantic Ocean? Simply hop on!

If we could look at a jetpack as a flying backpack, then we might look at hoverboard simply as a flying skateboard. Only now this jet-powered flying skateboard just got serious. At 50 meters high hand free, super-human like experience, it can officially take you over the Atlantic…partially. Thanks to the partnership between a Swiss watchmaker and the Flyboard Air project, a real video of a man “emerging” into the sky flying over water was presented to the world. This hoverboard is equipped with four turbo engines, it can stabilize itself over land or more windy water surfaces, much like a drone. It can reach a high of 10,000 feet while going as fast as 92,3 miles per hour, for about ten minutes.

This power flying board is not commercially available yet, but its predecessors are. It will have a retail price range between 1500 to 10,000 pounds. The main sponsor of the project announced their support to project Flybard Air, describing this a “new chapter in conquering the skies”. We might see people standing on a flying skateboard to go to work. And even if you don't feel the urgent need to hover over the Altalantic, given the possibility, why not!

Sources: Live Science

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