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MIT Lets Robot Cheetah Off Leash

Robot Cheetah has grown up! Scientists at MIT's Biometrics Robotics Lab have now trained their robo-feline Cheetah to detect obstacles and jump over hurdles as it runs, making it …

Designer Anouk Wipprecht combines fashion with robotics

We met Anouk Wipprecht and talked about smart fabrics and accessories that can listen to our body, therapeutic fashion and the future of dressmaking.

The social animals that are inspiring new behaviors for robot swarms

From flocks of birds to fish schools in the sea, or towering termite mounds , many social groups in nature exist together to survive and thrive. This cooperative behaviour can be …

NNN Presents HUBOT - The Job Agency for People and Robots

A horse can run faster than a human, yet nobody claims horses will make mankind dispensable. When a man rides a horse and the two work together, something new happens. Then, what …

Your next doctor might just be a robot

Conventional wisdom says that you can’t replace the human touch in terms of medical care, but in our rapidly changing technological environment, it appears that this perception …

Sophia the Robot has a sister: Little Sophia

Robot Sophia is pretty much the international face of the ‘modern robot’. Sophia is the Audrey Hepburn-inspired humanoid robot who stands out for multiple reasons. She is the …

Hire a Smart Robot

What if your co-worker was a robot? Dutch startup Smart Robotics is a job agency for robots that allows you to hire a smart-robot.

Sophia: World's First Robot with a Citizenship

Sophia the Humanoid, a human-like robot in appearance and mannerisms, was granted citizenship by Saudi Arabia and became the first robot with citizenship.

Rhythm robot Keepon

The goals of "understanding humanity" and "humanizing robots" are tightly related to each other. Infanoid Project is trying to relate robotics to human sciences in order to …

Human-Like Robot Makes Freaky Joke About the Future of Mankind

To thread the uncanny valley is a conscious choice for many artists and enthusiasts, as a means to evoke, through their work, powerful emotions, thoughts and everything in between.

The First Fully Autonomous Soft Robot

The Octobot is the first of its kind made fully of soft materials and is aimed to pave the way towards a more safely interaction with humans.

Medical Practice Aided by Robots

Robots in health care could lead to a doctorless hospital.

This Robot Takes Care of Your Children

This robot nanny is designed to take on adult responsibilities, raising concerns regarding the consequences of using robots to raise our children.

This Robotic Stingray is Alive

By way of reverse engineering and taking heart cells from a rat, researchers at Harvard University have designed a miniature robotic stingray that is alive.

Opening HUBOT at DDW

The robots have arrived! Yesterday we celebrated the launch of HUBOT , job agency for people and robots at MediaMarkt , as part of the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. Our virtual …

Robotization Makes Work More Human

Imagine being 16 and studying for a job that soon won't exist. What kind of future is that? New occupations will come thanks to robotization.

This exhibition investigates how humanity will live tomorrow

Occupying the 52nd floor of Tokyo’s Mori Tower, Mori Art Museum is internationally renowned for its visionary approach and highly original curation of contemporary art. The …


Scientists in Japan have developed a koi robot that swishes around in water just like the real, fishy thing, and does stuff real koi can't: swim in reverse and rotate in place. …

Robot Dance

Robot farmer Mr Woo

Comedian Paul Merton went to China for (early 2007) and near Beijing he reads the following headline: This farmer grows robots...

All Is Full Of Love

While time seems to flow in this one direction, some people just know how to walk straight through that fourth dimension; catch it in a videoclip and throw the message into …

Exmovere Chariot: the wearable wheelchair

Exmovere Holdings , a biomedical engineering company, is focused on government and consumer applications for healthcare, security and mobility. This company developed Exmovere …

KOBIAN Shows Emotion

Meet KOBIAN, the humanoid robot that is not only able to walk about and interact with humans, but uses its entire body in addition to its facial expressions to display a full …


Waiter, there's a robot in my soup! Weighing only 60 milligrams, with a wingspan of three centimeters, robo-fly's tiny movements are modeled on those of a real fly. While much …

Rule #5: Consider Zoomorphism as an Alternative

For past entries and an introduction to the 11 Golden Rules of Anthropomorphism and Design,  click here.   When a product imitates animal behavior, the strict social rules …

Cat-like Sensitive Whiskers for Robots

Electronic whiskers put sensitive catlike sensors on robots.

Nike Robotic Sneakers

Futuristic Nike sneakers for robots.

The Power Amplification Robot

Power Loader: the power amplification exoskeleton robot.

Did a Robot Grow your Vegetable?

The world’s largest indoor farm  is not the only firm developing vertical agriculture. Japanese company  Spread plans to grow more than ten million heads of lettuce a year by …

Wearable Device For Tomato Lovers

The Wearable Tomato Project consists in a robot that dispenses tomatoes.

Edible Battery for Ingestible Devices

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are developing edible batteries to power ingestible medical devices for diagnosing and treating disease.

Empowered by Robots Design Challenge

Wanted: New jobs for humans and robots! Which designers, technicians, robot enthusiasts will help us with innovative, feasible ideas for the new jobs of the future?

Robot Babies to Prevent Pregnancy

An Australian study has shown the use of lifelike robot babies increased teen pregnancy, rather than discouraging it.

Shark Drones Clean up the Port of Rotterdam

In the port of Rotterdam you might be able to cross a floating Waste Shark: a robot able to collect up to 500 kilos of trash.

This Robot Builds a House in Two Days

A Bricklaying Robot builds low-cost houses in just two days.

The Robots of Tomorrow: Biodegradable

What happens to robots that are no longer needed? In the future robots will be biodegradable.

A Taste of RoboBee Honey

Where most researchers are focusing on keeping bees alive, researchers of Harvard are developing a bee replacement; the Robobee. The Robobee is only the size of half a paperclip, with ultra thin wings flapping 120 times per second. The main goal is to build a mechanic pollinator.

Artificial Intelligence Learns to Smell

22 teams of computer scientists have unveiled a set of algorithms able to predict the odor of different molecules based on their chemical structure. Computers learn how humans smell

Cognitive Cooking with Chef Watson

The AI chef nows more than 10,000 recipes from all over the world and is capable of combining any ingredient while following your personal food preferences.

Cyborg Dragonfly for Special Service

A Biomedical solutions company is developing a system for insects to wear, allowing engineers to steer it remotely.

Drones and Robots Co-Work in Solar Farms

BladeRanger might have found the ultimate solution for solar panels cleaning putting drones and robots together at work.

After Horsepower Comes Robotpower?

We fear being replaced by robots. They have the potential to be smarter, stronger and more hardworking than us, but so do horses.

Hoverboarding Over the Atlantic

In 2017, a hoverboard can fly 164 feet above earth and able to hover over the Atlantic Ocean.

HUBOT: Meet the Home Healthcare Professional

The home healthcare professional is one of the 16 positions from HUBOT, the job agency for people and robots.

HUBOT: Take the Jobtest!

The robots are coming! They’re getting smarter, cheaper and more reliable. How long will I have my job before a robot steals it? The industrial revolution made muscular power …

Conversation with Dutch Philosopher Bas Haring: Robot, Colleague or Foe?

We talked with Bas Haring to discuss the conception, image and will of the robot. Read our conversation with him and update your ideas about robots.

Intimate Technology S01E02: Misbehaving (Ro)bots

"Misbehaving (Ro)bots" asks whether technology could hope to replicate these small bothersome quirks that instill a feeling of intimacy.

HUBOT: Meet the Robot Coach

Craftsmanship is generally very appreciated, but it takes a lot of time to master a craft. Therefore, as a robot coach you train - you guessed it, a robot - to transfer your …

Robo-Bee Pollinated a Japanese Lily

A video of a robotic bee pollinating a flower (looking more like Loopin' Louie spinning off the board game and hitting a flower) recently caught our attention. What at first sight …

Dubai Employs First Robotic Police Officer

The first robotic officer will soon report for duty in Dubai.

The Robots Are Coming!

Robots are getting stronger and smarter every day. They are taking over our whole lives. How long will I have my job before a robot steals it?

Your Next Nature guide to Dutch Design Week 2018

Over time, our bodies, our food and our environment have become more and more subject to design. As designers, we hold the responsibility and have the unique chance to envision …

Six principles of humane technology

We must be mindful about how we engage with technology: what we use it for, why, and whether it helps or hinders us. Sometimes our tech seems to be flowing in inhumane directions, …

Killer Robots

Rule #1:  A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. Remember Isaac Asimov's classic  three laws of robotics ? Surely thats …

EcoBot III: a Robot that Produces Energy Fueled by Organic Matter

There are robots that look like people, and then there are robots, like the Ecobot III, that look nothing like humans but have our same biological needs: they have to eat, digest …

Meet Yangyang, Actroid From China

The humanoid robot Yangyang can function autonomously, talking and gesturing while interacting with people.

Rights for Robots: EU Calls for Regulation

A new report recommends that we decide the legal status of robots sooner rather than later. It even suggests that they could be given personhood and rights.

Drones Swarm While We Sleep

Mesmerizing drone ballet from Kmel Robotics and Lexus.

The "Actroid" Lives in the Uncanny Valley

The Actroid robot holds clues for climbing out of the uncanny valley.

A Robot to Help The Refugee Crisis

In the last months we've been witnessing a refugee crisis of huge proportions. More than a million people crossed the sea to flee violence in Africa and the Middle-East. Together …

Jobs for Creators - Robots at Work #2

Have a look at our series Robots at Work! In this episode we present you five jobs for creators, the ones that build with their hands.

Robotic Tarzan Controls Crops

A robot inspired by a sloth was developed in order to control crops growing in our fields.

The Professors Doppelgänger Robot

Although there are numerous researchers out there creating humanoid robots, none are as explicit about the close relation between anthropomorphism and narcissism as professor …

Big Dog got puppies

We posted this fella two years ago but the guys at Boston Dynamics haven't been sitting still. Improvements have been made and Big Dog got puppies! Little Dog (a learning robot …

Future babes

A future in which prosthetic patches prevent bodies from aging? Or a sexists view on femininity in robotics?   Either way, the question is whether they are up- or downgrades of …

Robot costume

Tiger meets tiger. Apparently some of the owners of a vacuum cleaning robot feel the need to 'costumize' their device. We are now awaiting the witty bio-robotics company that …

Think Hello

Remember Asimo ? Honda has now developped a new Brain-Machine Interface technology that allows humans to control the humanoid robot simply by thinking certain thoughts. The BMI …

Geminoid Female

Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro ( Intelligent Robotics Laboratory at Osaska University) has done it again! This time in coöperation with robot-maker Kokoro Co. Ltd . Objective: to …

Better Walking with Robotic Legs

The Berkeley Robotics & Human Engineering Laboratory is researching a way to improve the performance of human bodies. They are doing innovative research in the field of …

End of Life Care Machine

Designer, artist and engineer  Dan Chen has developed the ' End of Life Care Machine ', a machine designed to guide and comfort dying patients with a carefully scripted message. …

A Robot to Make Rats Depressed

The robot in the picture above chases and attacks the living rat rights besides it. The W-3, as the robot is named, is designed to make rats seriously depressed. In fact, this …

Colorado Town votes on License to Hunt Drones

Drones are the mosquitoes of the 21st century. A small town in Colorado will be voting on an ordinance for drone hunting licenses for shooting down the wild robotics.

The Bionic Kangaroo

The BionicKangaroo technologically reproducesthe unique way a kangaroo moves.

Should Intelligent Sex Robots be Banned?

The Campaign Against Sex Robots, recently launched, is pushing towards banning the continuation of sex robots development.

Robot’s Best Friend

From chef, to nurse, and also lover. Get ready, a new generation of robots is going to invade our lives!

Watch out for Bullied Robots

Dystopian future scenarios filled with evil robots are everywhere. We are afraid of robots treating us badly, but what will happen if it'll be the other way around? According to …

Computer-Simulated Realistic Sounds

Researchers at MIT have created a system that is able to simulate sounds that are so perfect that they can even fool human listeners.

Lego Bricks Come Alive

Lego announced the next generation of building bricks, bringing the creations to life.

Personhood Status for Robots

An "electronic personhood" for robots has been discussed in the European Parliament recently, raising big questions about equality, citizenship, legal and ironically, human rights for artificial intelligent machines.

Preventive Punishment for Robots

The Punishment is an installation featuring a robotic arm that mimics a kid's handwriting perfectly, and repetitively writes "I must not hurt humans".

Jobs for Caretakers - Robots at Work #1

This is post number one of our serie 'Robots at Work'. In this episode we present you five jobs for caretakers, the ones that work with their hearts.

Robo Wunderkind is a modular robot even a five-year-old can program

Meet the Robo Wunderkind, a new breed of smart toys that introduces children to the basics of coding and robotics in a playful way. Advanced technologies are increasingly embedded …

Why Next Nature Network is hiring an army of bots

As we showed with HUBOT , we can use new technologies and robotics to make our work more enjoyable, interesting and humane. Aside from our speculative jobs, a lot of robotic …

This exhibition looks at how robots are changing the world we live in

Delve into the science and fiction of robots at V&A Dundee’s latest exhibition: Hello, Robot . Contemplate the existence of robots and how they have both shaped, and been …

Watch this lifelike robot fish swim through the ocean

Earth’s oceans are having a rough go of it these days. On top of being the repository for millions of tons of plastic waste , global warming is affecting the oceans and upsetting …

The religion named Artificial Intelligence

Would you pray to a Robot deity? A group of Japanese buddhists is already doing so. Meet Mindar , the robot divinity shaped after the buddhist Goddess of Mercy, also known as …

It could be time to start thinking about a cybernetic Bill of Rights

Like it or loathe it, the robot revolution is now well underway and the futures described by writers such as Isaac Asimov , Frederik Pohl and Philip K. Dick are fast turning from …

The Uncanny Valley of the Pussycat Dolls

Make no mistake, you're not looking at the latest Barbie line: These are the The Pussycat Dolls. Formerly an LA stripper show burlesque show, now upgraded to be pop music …

Medical Microbots Used to Perform Biopsy

With recent successful experiments, we may see doctors switching from the single forceps to hordes of so-called microgrippers.

Empowered by Robots Event Report

A report on the Empowered by Robots conference during DDW16, demonstrating fruitful collaboration between humans and robots.

Interview: Agi Haines, Speculative Artist Who Wants to Redesign the Human Body

Speculative designer Agi Haines' work focuses on (re)designing the human body, and speculates upon future scenarios in which biomedical technologies will come to promising ends.

What You Should Know About Artificial Intelligence Changing Jobs

It should come as no surprise that artificial intelligence naturally extends into the way we work. Let's look at how AI changes the way we relate to work.

Five must-see exhibitions before 2020

A large-scale asian food market serving in vitro meat, a transatlantic expo on the future of nature and a travelling exhibition that explores our relationship with AI. These five …

Synthetic skin is bringing the sense of touch to VR

Current social distancing measures are all about keeping a physical distance from each other in order to flatten the curve. But this does not mean we have to keep a distance from …

Exploring Next Nature (2004)

The first essay ever written on Next Nature, published in Next Nature Pocket and in Entry Paradise, New Design Worlds . ( download pdf ) (German version: Erkundungen im Nächste …

Bionic Woman

26-year old Claudia Mitchell has become the first woman to get outfitted with a bionic arm , with which she's able to perform functions simply by thinking about them. The arm was …

Erkundungen im Nächste Natur (D)

Die Natur verändert sich mit uns (English version: Exploring Next Nature ) by Koert van Mensvoort , published in Entry Paradise, Neue Welten des Designs, Gerhard Seltman, Werner …

Social Robots

Smile! We are your friends. Robots will play an important role in our future society. We need to ensure that robots are socially compatible with us in order for society to accept …


Blinkybugs are small, simple, electromechanical bugs that respond to stimulus such as movement, vibrations, or air currents. They are constructed by hand from LEDs, wire, and …


Henk Rozema displaying his invention (2006), the digital tombstone "Digizerk". It was only a question of time that global digitalization would be introduced on cemeteries. The …

Fire fighting beetle - OLE

Just like centipedes OLE can roll up into a ball when danger threatens and retract its six legs. Its heat-resistant shell is made of a ceramic-fibre compound which can withstand …

Interview with a cyborg

Erich Berger has a 96 year old grandmother who is a cyborg. She features dentures, hearing aids, glasses, pace maker, a metal implant on the pinkie toe, and more. Quotes from the …

Ladybug cleans the Toilet

A bug that does the cleaning? This 1-meter (39-inch) tall, 1.35-meter (53-inch) long prototype robot ' named "Lady Bird" ' is designed to clean public restrooms at highway rest …

Robotarium - Zoo for Artificial Life

Robotarium X , the first zoo for artificial life, approaches robots very much in the way as we are used to look at life in old nature. We, humans, enjoy watching and studying …

Tickle Massage Robot

Tickle is a small robot that walks on the human body to generate a pleasant, tickling sensation.It has two motors and rubber feet for a good grip on the skin. When it encounters a …


Murata Boy, is a robot capable of riding bicycles unassisted. Balancing, pedaling and directing the bicyclee, turning the bike to avoid obstacles, etc. And this is his nephew, …

Fun begins in 2029

Famous technologist and futurist Ray Kurzweil states: it's going down by 2029, so be prepared to get digital on entirely new levels. According to Kurzweil, machines will have both …

Future playground

Shot taken before the robot in question short-circuited and started to kill all humans in sight.


An industrial robot has been given an unusual production task; writing out the full Martin Luther bible "by hand" in a calligraphic style. The robot arm appears to be a fairly …

Roboswift, Eyes in Disguise

With its 50 cm wing span and 80 grams of weight, this high tech bird is ready to infiltrate swift surveillance squads next summer. Aerospace engineering students at TU Delft , …

Robotic R)evolution

In 1921 the word "Robot" (meaning "labor") was introduced by Czech writer Karel ?apek . In his play "R.U.R." (Rossum's Universal Robots), robots seem happy to work for humans. …

Saturn (Directors Cut)

The struggle between the born and the made is being fought out in a wardrobe on Saturn. By: | Related: Sixties Last

The Order Electrus

"Nature adapts, even to human actions that seem to destroy everything. The amazing power of evolution has given birth to a new species of insect. Their ideal habitats are old …

Voyage of the Bacteria Bots

The 1966 science-fiction movie Fantastic Voyage famously imagined using a tiny ship to combat disease inside the body. With the advent of nanotechnology, researchers are inching …

Anthropomorphic 3d webcam

This new 3D webcam with two cameras spaced approximately as far apart as human eyes is our anthropomorphic object of the week. Can you feel it, watching you? The little brother …

Bionic Pinguins

Festo Bionic Learning Lab demonstrates their new technologies inspired by nature. Another step towards artificial pets replacing extincted animals, or just an exposé of scientific …

Blood Cells 2.0

Unlike many people fear that computers will overtake humans, Ray Kurzweil states that robots will merge with humans, robots the size of cells which can do the job way more …

Cyborg Insects

Scientists at the University of California created a neural implant for a beetle that gives them wireless control over the insect. Electrical signals delivered via the electrodes …

Norwegian forest cat on batteries

Robots are penetrating our homes... disguised as cats? On July 30, Sega Toys releases an el-cheapo simulation cat toy for robot cat lovers with allergies or pet-unfriendly …

Recycling Robot Takes the Streets of Italy

Let the robots do the dirty work! This real-life Wall-E Recycling robot, part of the $3.9 million DustBot research program that is trying to improve urban hygiene, collects trash …

Robot hand meets Sushi

We are anxiously waiting for the robot that makes the sushi, but at Squse , they have created the hand that can carefully place the delicacies in a box without crushing them. …

The Robot Versus the Sign

Quote Eric Horvitz : "After finishing my doctoral work, I returned to Stanford Medical School to finish up the MD part of my MD/PhD. During one of my last clinical rotations, I …

Ars Electronica 2010: Artists Adressing NextNature

Sind wir noch zu retten? That was the slogan of this year’s Ars Electronica festival in Linz (Austria). Titled ‘REPAIR’, the media art festival urged to leave our scepticism and …

Battle of platforms

Ever wondered why there is so much competition in the world of operating systems? This video made by Leon Wang illustrates that "old nature" mechanisms like survival of the …

Beware of the Virtual Squirrels

Kasey McMahon and Derek Doublin demonstrate the tension between people and their environment through the eyes of its non-human inhabitants. Beware of the Virtual Squirrels ! The …


Are you familiar with the affliction? Anthropomorphobia is the fear of recognizing human characteristics in non-human objects. The term is a hybrid of two Greek-derived words: …

Protei, the Sail Bot that Cleans Up Oil

Protei is a sailing robot that's designed to clean up oil spills without human assistance. After sailing upwind, the bot drifts downwind, zigg-zagging across the surface to absorb …

The AI Revolution Is On

Steven Levy writes in Wired on the unexpected turn of the Artificial Intelligence revolution: rather than whole artificial minds, it consists of a rich bestiary of digital fauna, …

Can Life Be a Technology?

In 2009 the Initiative for Science, Society and Policy coined the phrase ‘living technology’ [1] to draw attention to a group of emerging technologies that are useful because they …

Gangnam Autonomy

"A robot is a mechanical apparatus designed to do the work of a man. Its components are usually electro-mechanical and are guided by a computer program or electronic circuitry. By …

Let the Robotic Farmers feed the World

The future of farming is not to be found in further mass-industrialization nor in the return to traditional farming with man and horse power, but rather in swarms of smart, cheap robotic farmers that patiently seed, tend and harvest fields one plant at a time without the need for damaging pesticides.

New Robot Turns Poo into Energy

Though disgusting, sewage is an abundant, nutrient-rich resource. Researchers at the University of West England have taken advantage of this fact by creating  a robot that turns …

Painted by Robot

The Senseless Drawing Robot is a painting robot that interprets nearby street and sidewalk traffic and turns it into sprays of pigment. The robot is turning chaos into order, and …

Robots Invade Stores to Steal Our Jobs

There's a new threat to the world's unemployed. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have developed a robot that helps to organize shop inventories, making that trip to the …

Rule #6: Meet People’s Expectations

For past entries and an introduction to the 11 Golden Rules of Anthropomorphism and Design, click here.   People expect many things from each other: Expect them to say hi in the …

Using a Robot to Virtually Attend School

There are many people in the world for whom, for various reasons, it is impossible to leave the house or hospital. This means these people are not able to go to work or school. …

Walter Benjamin on Film and the Senses

During the late 1930’s the philosopher Walter Benjamin wrote its widely influential essay ‘The work of Art in the Age of Its Technical Reproducibility’. While describing a general …

Bionic man

An showcase of what we are currently capable of installing in human beings.

Electric Skin Could Allow Robots to Feel

A new kind of piezotronic transistor mesh could make for robotic skin that’s as sensitive as your own is, covered in thousands of tiny mechanical hairs.

Empathy for the Device

Kate Darling argues that society needs to update its ethical landscape to include thinking machines.

Homemade Robot Designed from Recycled Scraps

A Chinese inventor created a $24,500 robot from junkyard scraps.

Meanwhile on the Savanna

The DARPA Military Robot Bull in a field tests.

Robots Cooperate to Save Coral Reefs

Robots use swarm intelligence to rebuild coral reefs.

We Feel Empathy for Robots (Even if They Don't Look Human)

Human test subjects felt empathy for dinosaur robots being cuddled or abused.

Bionic Hand with Real Sense of Touch

LifeHand 2: a prosthetic hand that infers the ability to feel rudimentary shapes and forms by touch.

Human Workers Get Increasingly Obsolete

Robots are coming to replace humans at work, are they a real threat to the world’s unemployed?

Lunar Solar Power Generation

Japanese engineers plan to turn the moon into a giant solar panel station.

Remote Surgery

Remote surgery is the new step towards robotic surgeons.

Retro Robot Band

The '50s robot band, Le Trio Fantastique, is exemplary of human distant longing for technology that integrates with our body and senses, to the point of taking our place!

Robot Cheetah Now Runs Free

Researchers created a robo-feline able to run and bound while completely untethered.

Robotic Easter Egg Decorator

A robot that applies computer controlled motion to precisely decorate your Easter eggs.

Robotic Furniture puts IKEA to Shame

Science Fiction taught us to think of robots as human-like beings, yet the robots that actually make it into your home are more likely to look like furniture.

Why Robots Need Personalities

Social roboticist Heather Knight explains why we should give robots personalities.

3D Printed Fish Remove Toxins and Deliver Drugs

Researchers from UC San Diego announced that they have developed 3D print tiny microrobots in the shape of fish able to detect and remove toxin from liquid.

A Robot Scientist Could Cure Malaria

Although there seems to be no effective drug in use to cure malaria, a scientist robot named Eve may have found a cure.

A Swarm of Micro Drones

Agile micro drones able to act like a swarm.

Bionic Ants That Work Together

These robotic ants by Festo are learning to work together, like real ants do.

DOUG: the First Robot Able to Draw

Robots can already read, talk and reason. Yet, they do not seem to have found limits to their artistic skills either. Meet DOUG_1, first the drawing robot.

Hunger Games for Robots

How would you feel if robots inherited ethical complications of existence?

Jazz-Playing Robot Challenges Human-Computer Interactions

A musical robot able to improvise a jazz solo in response to an actual person performing jazz.

Local Deliveries: Robots or Drones?

Starship, a robot that will remodel our local deliveries system.

Meet the Hospital of the Future

With its 656 beds, this hospital offers unconventional and leading computerized assistance for all sorts of patients.

Algorithm Tells You How to Dress

What should I wear today? The answer to one of life’s big questions could came from an algorithm created to solve all your fashion problems.

OUT NOW: Save the Humans! Book

The SAVE THE HUMANS! book is now available on our web shop.

Tiny Robots Assemble a Room in Minutes

Dom Indoors , is the latest research project developed by a construction robotics company called Asmbld . It includes a robotic system that can reconfigure an indoor space within …

If a Robot Buys XTC on the Dark Web, Who is Responsible?

The Random Darknet Shopper, with bitcoin to burn, has purchased counterfeit jeans, master keys, dodgy cigs and even a bag of ecstasy tablets. Who is legally liable?

Robot Swans Monitor Water Quality

The National University of Singapore released a group of robot swans in the Pandan Reservoir to swim around and keep an eye on water quality.

Should We Fear Thinking Machines?

It seems thinking machines could put the human race in danger. How realistic these fears are?

The Risk of Technological Unemployment

Stephen Hawking gives his opinion on what technological unemployment, aka machines taking over our jobs, can represent for future human societies.

The Biosphere Code Manifesto

During the event The Biosphere Code, Stockholm University researcher Victor Galaz and colleagues outlined a manifesto for algorithms in the environment.

The Hotel Run by Robots

A futuristic Japanese hotel will be run by robots, designed to be extremely human-like.

The World’s Largest Indoor Farm

The world’s largest indoor farm in Japan is 100 times more productive than traditional agriculture.

4D Printing Inspired by Nature

Scientists were inspired by nature to developed a method to shape-shift 4D-printed structures that could one day help heal wounds and be used in robotic surgical tools.

Are There Pokémon on the Moon?

Pokémon Go is slowly taking over our planet. People know more Pokémon than bird or tree species. However, avid players will have noticed that some of the first-gen Pokémon are not available in the game yet.

Roboat Ahoy: the First Autonomous Boats

The first self “driving” boat will be entering the canals of Amsterdam in 2017 with versatile ends.

I Want Wings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Read Nicholas Carr's essay on the transhumanist dream of having wings.

The First Artificial Intelligent Lawyer

There is an artificial intelligent robot called ROSS that is taking over the work of thousands of lawyers. Working non-stop, reading faster then any human attorney can do.

Let's Laugh at Robots!

Welcome to the world of robot fails.

Mentally Disordered Robots

While robots are becoming more and more human, with all their sensors and information processing abilities, may it be likely that they too could develop mental illnesses?

The Office of the Future on Four Wheels

Nissan created the e-NV200 workspace: an electrical van with zero emissions that is packed with everything you need to work efficiently.

Robot Breaks Rubik's Cube World Record

Watch this robot solving the Rubik's Cube in 1.047 second.

This Robot will Grow Food in Your Backyard

FarmBot Genesis is humanity's first open-source CNC farming machine designed for at-home automated food production.

Are Robots the Future of Tattoos?

An industrial robot just tattooed the first person ever in San Francisco.

Robots Taking Government Jobs

Meet Amelia, the first robot to work along with human coworkers in a council job.

Robots Are Making Pizza Now

A new wave of automation lies in pizza. Not only will robots deliver your pizzas in the future, they will even make them.

Self-Driving Cars Are Here to Stay

The first time you switch on your self-driving car, punch in your coordinates and cruise off to the soulless thrum of an electric motor you’ve got to wonder: does this thing know what it’s doing?

Shapeshifting Robotic Furniture

Robotic furniture for the young professional.

A Robotic Suit to Update Your Granny

The elderly may toss their walkers for this robotic suit.

Grow Your Own Bio Bot

Researches at the University of Illinois released a step by step guide to build 3D printed bio robots with living muscles.

3D Printed Capsule Replaces Needle Injection

A needle free oral delivery system might in the future dissolve the old way of vacancies injected by syringes.

Robot Librarians Instruct Young Generations

The Dutch province Gelderland-South uses two educational robots to increase kids' knowledge on such a technology.

FarmVille Turns into Real-Life Agriculture

A Japanese Start up brings Farmville back into real life by letting players grow physical food.

Jobs for Facilitators - Robots at Work #3

This is post number three of our serie 'Robots at Work'. In this episode we present you five jobs for facilitators, the ones who love to work with technology.

Jobs for Entrepreneurs - Robots at Work #4

This is post number four of our serie 'Robots at Work'. In this episode we present you five jobs for entrepreneurs, the ones who love doing big business.

Jobs for the Extraordinary-Robots at Work #5

This is post number five of our serie 'Robots at Work'. In this last episode we present you five jobs for the extraordinary, the ones who won't let themselves be categorized.

Rescue Drone Will Save You in Open Water

Drone made to rescue in bad weather condition in open waters.

Virtual Baby Acts and Looks Impossibly Real

A rosy-cheeked kid learns her first words, cries when her babysitter leaves, smiles when she’s happy, but she’s not real. BabyX is an AI research-in-progress by a company named Soul Machines.

How AI and genomics will impact the future of making babies

As if stand-alone technologies weren’t advancing fast enough, we’re in age where we must study the intersection points of these technologies. How is what’s happening in robotics …

Future AI may hallucinate and get depressed — just like the rest of us

Scientists believe the introduction of a hormone-like system, such as the one found in the human brain, could give AI the ability to reason and make decisions like people do. …

Three scenarios for the future of farming

Agriculture may be one of the oldest of our technologies. Over time it has developed, changed, revolutionized, industrialized - or simply put, it has evolved . Today’s farms are …

Give AI curiosity and it plays video games all day

If you teach a robot to fish, it’ll probably catch fish. However, if you teach it to be curious, it’ll just watch TV and play video games all day. Researchers from  Open AI …

The next sexual revolution is going to be all about technology

Sex is one of the most powerful, fundamental human drives. It’s caused wars, and built and destroyed kingdoms. It occupies a significant percentage of most people’s thoughts. As …

On inhumane technology

Stick-on shoes, wakeup lights, bionic limbs: these are examples of humane technology. But what exactly does this mean? It can best be explained in contrast with its opposite. …

Here’s what manufacturing enhanced with virtual reality will look like

Robots are coming for our jobs. Virtual reality is coming to make the jobs that remain easier to accomplish. All of the world’s manufacturing sectors are in the process of …

This brain-controlled exoskeleton allows a paralyzed man to walk again

A breakthrough technology that responds to signals from the brain has transformed the life of a paralyzed 28-year-old man called Thibault. Four years after the initial incident …

Living robots made from frog stem cells may revolutionize medicine

At just a millimeter wide, Xenobots are “neither a traditional robot nor a known species of animal", they are "a new class of artifact: a living, programmable organism”, says …