Scientists in Japan have developed a koi robot that swishes around in water just like the real, fishy thing, and does stuff real koi can't: swim in reverse and rotate in place. Robocarp was demonstrated in a pond on the grounds of the Hiroshima Machinery Works facility of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

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  • LOVE it! Lets see a raccoon eat one of these!

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  • Kiku, I agree mimmicing old nature can be perceived as lame. Like a bouquet of plastic flowers.

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  • i don't know what you guys are trying to do with it but it seems kid of odd to me. The robo carp was just a picture in my search for one of koi fish but I thought it was a submarine; that would have been neat. Please don't try to replace the natural thing however. There are things that machines can not do as apposed to real flesh and blood.

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