dog bag

Wherever you go, always carry your puppy with you.

puppy bag

In the category 'absurd-products-that-show-our-consumptive-attitude-towards-animals'. Buy one here, or here. See also: Catbag | Stuffed toys | Lifestyle pets | Popple | Glamour Dog | Dog Design

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  • Why on earth would a dog wanna be trapped in that thing all day?

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  • I love this idea!! One problem: does it hurt the dog or does the dog like it? And is there one for tea cup chinhuahas?

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  • What a clever idea. Along the same lines - you need a bag to carry everything but the dog - a blanket, folding water & food dishes, a blanket and waste bags - I found this kind of dog travel bag at

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  • wow!.. i love it.. :0 hehehe... and im starting to make my own puppy bag.. :p hehehhe.. :0 thankz for the idea.. hehehhe lol

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  • Along these same lines.....

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