kobian sad

Meet KOBIAN, the humanoid robot that is not only able to walk about and interact with humans, but uses its entire body in addition to its facial expressions to display a full range of emotions.

Notice how KOBIAN's helpers are on stand-by to prevent the machine from fainting.

What it does:





Shake hands

Show delight

Show surprise

Show sadness

Show dislike


kobian happy

... Cry without tears

kobian etc

... Scare dogs; act gayish and hang around. How far are we away from The Bicentennial Man (1999)?

Via: pinktentacle.com |  Related: Let the Robots do the Teaching | The Professors Döppelganger Robot | Robot Asimo conducts concert

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  • Hi I'm Dora, and I'm from British columbia Canada. I wouldn't mind meeting KOBIAN the humanoid robot that shows emotion! Would be so so so cool! Could I meet him someday? Just thought I'd ask! Thanks for showing us this fantastic robot! Hope to meet him along with Asimo Honda's most advanced humanoid robot.

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  • Wonderful!

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