Now how is this for a Boomeranged Metaphor? Gene suffers from first person shooter disease, also known as Duke Nukem’s disease. It is such a sadness.

See also: When Facebook gets Physical, World of World of Warcraft. Thanks Thomas.

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  • Tom

    HAHA! "Justin sees the world as a 2-D side-scroller." Nice post!

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  • That is fun!

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  • You'll probably be interested in this guys work as well - similar idea, but taken seriously and I believe coming up with this first...

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  • Even if apparently goes in the opposite direction there's another interesting trend, which is called Cross Reality. The need at the very basement of these two trends is more or less the same, the fusion of virtual and real worlds, of the digital and the real lifes. These two trends, even if sketched with some comic videos are a two sides of the same coin, a really interesting expression of the need to join two aspects of our "modern" life, the virtual and the real ones. Splitting yourself between two or more life is a first step towards personality disorders, and I think everyone experienced this more or less hardly.

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