A new friend from our drones coloring book What's Flying There? is visiting us today. The Vaccinator Drone is a mosquito-like drone fully equipped to pinch you. But don't worry, unlike his natural counterpart, this small drone won't cause you any harm. On the contrary, it will provide you with the medicine you need.

By inoculating tiny nanobots that are specially made to eat the pathogens that live inside our bodies, the Vaccinator Drone protects us against any disease. Now that drones and nanotechnology are developing at a rapid pace, the cure to frightful diseases may just be around the corner - thanks to our metal winged friends.

You can find the Vaccinator Drone and together with many other good drones (such as the Queen Bee, the WiFi, the Firefighter and the Farmer) in What’s Flying There?, the coloring book that opens up new perspectives for drones positive applications in the human habitat.

There is more: until December 5, What’s flying there? is 50% off in our web shop, hurry up!

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