As unfortunate events such as CO2 emissions or biodiversity loss increase, we start to question if it is possible to live on a different planet. Can we find a different world to live in? More importantly, how can we manage to live on an alien planet? One of the answers is creating our ecosystem, constructing a Biosphere 2. 

Creating a human-made ecosystem might sound like a sci-fi movie. However, it was done in real life for a 1991 experiment in the Arizona desert. The 2020 documentary “Spaceship Earth”  explores this experiment by showing us how a group of eight people (namely ‘Biospherians’) can live in an isolated self-made ecosystem for two years. 

What can go wrong if eight people start living in an ecosystem with anything they need, such as trees, animals and soil? It wasn't as easy as it seemed: nearly all non-human animals died during the first stages, and the oxygen levels decreased within the ecosystem unpredictably. While there were ongoing internal struggles, the project got criticism from the media on its diversity and “cult-like structure”. 

The documentary is currently available on Hulu

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