So you missed your flight to the Big Future? Or do you have withdrawal symptoms from your previous trip? Not to worry, we have news for you. Schedule a new flight from 12 March—1 May 2022 (weekend only), departure from the NEMO Science Museum's Studio in Amsterdam (NL).

Who will I be travelling with?

Next Nature Future Travels, the international travel agency taking you on a journey to the distant future. We love to welcome you on board of our VR Time Machine, an experience that combines scientific knowledge, philosophy, and imagination to transform you into a digital avatar. VR glasses take you to a hyper-realistic digital environment, while a carousel-like structure sends you floating through air. Are you ready?

Where is my departure gate?

The Studio is located at the Marineterrein in Amsterdam, just follow the signs from the main entrance at Kattenburgerstraat 5. It is about 15 minutes’ walk from NEMO Science Museum.

What are the flying dates?

Our VR time machine is opened from 12 March to 1 May 2022, from 12.00 to 17.30, weekend only.

How can I book?

Easy. Head to NEMO's website and get a ticket for 'Bits of You'. This will give you access to the VR time machine and to the expo 'Bits of You', which conveys a sense of how our lives are being impacted by the data traces we leave behind each and every day.

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