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Hearing Colors

Hessel Hoogerhuis
July 17th 2015

Neil Harbisson is an artist who sees everything in grayscale due to a condition called achromatopsia or total color blindness. He may not see the range of shades but he hears them in vivid colors, thanks to an antenna implanted in his skull.…

These speculative ‘Next Senses’ allow you to augment your senses with technology

December 30th 2019

Imagine you could communicate telepathically with a whale, listen to the WiFi networks in your environment, or experience smells through seeing color.…

If you could have another sense, which sense would you choose?

Meike Schipper
June 26th 2018

Color-blind artist Neil Harbisson designed a brain-implanted antenna that converts colors into sound. This enables him to hear colors he cannot see, and extends his vision to ultraviolets and infrareds.…

Artificial Senses for Navigation

Ruben Baart
July 28th 2016

A team of cyborgs and digital enthusiasts under the moniker Cyborg Nest developed a wearable technology for the body able to perceive a human sixth sense.…

Fellow Day: Next Senses

Ingmar Nieuweboer
June 23rd 2016

If you could have another sense, which sense would you choose? Would you like to have the ability to sense electromagnetic fluctuations like sharks do?…

Cyborg artist Moon Ribas feels earthquakes

Freya Hutchings
February 11th 2020

Imagine waking in the night, and feeling the vibrations of an earthquake on the other side of the world pulsing through your body.…