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Pyramid of Technology Toolkit

Explore how technology becomes nature in seven steps

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Every human being has to cope with technological change, yet few of us are aware of how new technologies are introduced, accepted and discarded in our society. With the help of toolkit you'll learn to visualize how technology becomes nature and what we can learn from that.

Pyramid of what?

Excellent question. The Pyramid of Technology describes the seven levels at which technology may function in our lives. Technologies may move up and down the pyramid, while lower stages need to be fulfilled before the next stage can be attained.

At the bottom of the pyramid we find technologies that are envisioned, meaning that they only exist as an idea or image (such as the time machine). At the top we find technologies that became naturalized, they are part of our human nature (such as clothing and cooking).

A workshop-in-a-box

The toolkit is a workshop-in-a-box to help you better understand and discuss technology, facilitate brainstorming and catalyze innovative processes. This toolkit contains:

- 70 Question Cards to stimulate debate
- 10 Insight Cards to visualize technology dynamics
- 10 Workshop Cards to exercise with with your co-workers or your client.
- Essay ‘Pyramid of Technology’ by Koert van Mensvoort for inspiration.

Need help with a workshop?

We organize workshops using a physical Pyramid of Technology as our conceptual tool. We also provide trainingprograms. Head to this page for more information.

Visual of Pyramid of Technology Toolkit