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How to biofabricate leather; lessons from the lab

Laura Muth
June 21st 2019

Leather is one of the oldest and most versatile materials in the world. It’s a supple, tough, relatively strong and durable material and it’s relatively impermeable, yet breathable. Having existed in some form or another since the dawn of mankind, leather is used for a wide range of products—varying from furniture, clothes and accessories, to car upholstery.

The history of leather is long and has brought us many different processing methods, yet the implementation of a circular approach within production …

Lessons in bio design with Emma van der Leest

Meike Schipper
February 21st 2019

As a young bio designer at the start of your career, you'll have to overtake all kinds of obstacles. From the collection of living materials to working in a laboratory and collaborating with scientists; bio design is a newly emerging field in which you have to pave your own paths.

Meet biodesigner Emma van der Leest. Characterized by a DIY mentality, her multidisciplinary practice combines craft, scientific research and new bio-based production techniques.

Besides her own design practice, Emma founded …

This 3D-Printed Structure Can Fold Itself

Charlotte Kuijpers
January 16th 2018
Researchers at the University of Technology in Delft have created flat structures able to fold themselves into three-dimensional constructions.

Interview: Curator Ilari Laamanen on Momentum9, the Nordic Biennial

Ruben Baart
August 4th 2017
We recently spoke to Ilari Laamanen, to peel the outcrops of Momemtum9, and unveil the overlapping themes to the next nature philosophy.

Interview: Lining Yao, Interaction Designer and Maker of Novel Materials

Alessia Andreotti
June 29th 2017
We recently interviewed Lining Yao, Chinese interaction designer who uses organic materials as a technology that brings us back to nature.

The End of Air-Conditioning

Elle Zhan Wei
March 4th 2017
New heat-reflective material signs the end of air-conditioning use.

Fungal Futures: the Mushrooms Utopia

Federico Andreotti
February 7th 2017
Exhibition Fungal Futures: design with mushrooms.

World’s “Coolest” Hotel

Ruben Baart
December 6th 2016
Sweden's new Icehotel 365 uses solar cooling to stay open all year.

Designer Creates Water Bottles from Algae

Daniel Fraga
March 21st 2016
Icelandic Product Design student Ari Jónsson has used red algae powder and water to create a biodegradable water bottle.

Self-Healing Concrete

Daniel Fraga
November 28th 2015
A microbiologist has developed a way to make the cracks in concrete structures heal themselves.
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