Suburban Utopia

Nature finds a way

Welcome to the suburban utopia, where everyone owns a home, a car and an iSomething. All of your needs have been met, and every detail has been planned. But is something missing? Or are you not good enough for the perfect world? The image of the suburban utopia may be cracking under the pressure of perfection. Even here there are risks and unexpected phenomena. Nature, and human nature, has a way of disrupting even the most squeaky-clean environment.

Next What?

ESSAY BY John Zerzan
March 27th 2012

In this essay, anti-civilization, anarchist philosopher John Zerzan critiques the concept of 'next nature.' He argues that rather than freeing us, our self-domestication through technology has created a disconnected, depressed and over-medicated population. Phenomena from global warming to workplace shootings are all symptoms of global human "progress" gone totally awry. If we abandon 'technology' in favor of 'tools', what are the next steps for humanity?

Next Nature “refers to the nature produced by humans and their technology.” The prevailing attitude of Next Nature is “techno-optimism.” What is the nature of this “nature” and what are the grounds for the optimism?

I’ll start by citing some recent technological phenomena and what they seem to indicate about the nature and direction of our technoculture.…

Mastering Bambi

Media artists Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukács remake the Disney classic Bambi by stripping away all the inhabitants. Disney’s utopian landscape is revealed.

Human Nature as Pathology

Van Mensvoort
June 17th 2008

Modern society seems to have transformed human nature into a pathology. Our emotions are controlled by drugs. We are forced to operate within a narrow bandwith of what are considered 'acceptable' levels of emotion.…

Wild Birds Illegally Immigrating to City Zoo

Van Mensvoort
March 27th 2009

Besides the extensive collection of animals from around the planet, the Amsterdam City Zoo Artis also houses some local wild species on its premises who immigrated into the zoo on their own initiative.…

Living with Nature in the Post-Suburbs

Allison Guy
March 3rd 2012

MoMA in New York has a new exhibit exploring what can be done with American's only seemingly inexhaustible resource: foreclosed homes and sparsely inhabited suburbs.…