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Visual of Featured Page #07: Brand New Worlds

Featured Page #07: Brand New Worlds

During the coming weeks, we will present a selection of our favourite pages from the Next Nature book . This week, after nation branding, the brand nation. Entering the store or …

Visual of Coca-Cola Vase

Coca-Cola Vase

Coca-Cola, 2006, Vase from the Neolithic Age (5000–3000 BC), paint, 45.4 x 36 x 36 cm. Our peculiar object of the week was created by Ai Weiwei. Courtesy Galerie Urs Meile, …

Visual of Top 100 Economies: 37 are Corporations

Top 100 Economies: 37 are Corporations

37 of the world’s 100 largest economies are corporations.

Visual of Media Sunrise

Media Sunrise

Or is it a sunset? Not sure. Ubiquitous corporature either way. Image by Mieke Gerritzen .

Visual of Fake XP grass

Fake XP grass

Fake commercial for Norton computer maintenance software. Made by some student, who's name I couldn't find.

Visual of Greener Apple

Greener Apple

Apple knows more about clean design than anybody. But apparently their products contain hazardous substances that other companies have abandoned. Hence, green my Apple! Via …

Visual of 10 years Google

10 years Google

The good people of congratulate with its tenth anniversary. See also: Google 2084 , Google DNA , Google manhole , Googling in physical space , Google …

Visual of Design Your Sims

Design Your Sims

IKEA is going to sell furniture with Electronic Arts via The Sims 2 game. Soon, it will be possible for you game addicts, to refurbish your Sims living room into your own …

Visual of Google DNA search

Google DNA search

Last year Google invested four million in 23andme , a commercial research center that maps out your DNA for 1000 bucks. Now Google also invested in Navigenics , a company that …

Visual of Happy Meal

Happy Meal

How to create your own milkshake with globally available ingredients. Video by Oskar Nilsson, taken from Shampoo Generation DVD . See also: Image Consumption , Million Dollar …

Visual of Organic Coca-Cola

Organic Coca-Cola

Whoever you are, whatever you do, wherever you may be. You can’t beat the real thing. It really refreshes and brings real satisfaction in every glass. It was not until America’s …

Visual of Last night I saw a magnificent flock of Visas

Last night I saw a magnificent flock of Visas

"Visa has elements of Jeffersonian democracy, it has elements of the free market, of government franchising – almost every kind of organization you can think about. But it is none …

Visual of Louis Vuitton VS Fake for Real

Louis Vuitton VS Fake for Real

The Fake for Real Memory Game – consisting of 60 cards that playfully visualize the classical theme of fake and real in our society – has temporarily been taken offline due to …

Visual of Mutants


Mutants by Ricardo Portilho .

Visual of Recycled Coat

Recycled Coat

In the countdown to the Biggest Visual Power Show 2008 in Los Angeles we post some video's of earlier presentations. The Powershow 2003 in Paradiso, Amsterdam had the world …

Visual of Search Engine

Search Engine

"Google has stationed approximately a million computers worldwide to be able to process the 40 billion searches per month. One search request uses as much energy as a low-energy …

Visual of Shopping tree

Shopping tree

We used to wonder where all the stuff in the shops comes from. So now we know. This shopping tree is actually the latest logo of the Dutch shopping center chain V&D . Thanks …

Visual of Wood of logo's

Wood of logo's

A wood of logo's. Installation created by Karl Grandin – yup, same guy made the wallpaper– at the powershow in Paradiso, Amsterdam 2005. See also: Animal Sweater .

Visual of Animal Sweater

Animal Sweater

Nature used to be an unpredictable place of mystery. Fascinated with nature’s untamed wildness, artists created animal and floral patterns as a celebration of this phenomenon of …

Visual of ARM•ME


LOUIS VUITTON AK-47 GUCCI MP-5 Justin Melnick is an avid photographer, digital artist, and has lived in the Middle East. All of these influences have come together in his latest …

Visual of Brand dating

Brand dating

Male - BMW, Armani, Durex - is looking for a Female - Dolce & Gabana, New York Times, Victoria's Secret. is a (serious) dating site that relies on the …

Visual of Colalife


Coca-Cola© succeeds in what most NGO's try to achieve: getting the goods to the poor in the 3rd world   Africa. For most people there, a Coke is easier to get and cheaper than a …

Visual of Corporate animal wallpaper (in real life)

Corporate animal wallpaper (in real life)

Students of the Next Nature Theme at TU/e Industrial design in Eindhoven decided to jungle-up their working environment a bit with the corporate animal wallpaper. Hand painted (!) …

Visual of Ecology – A New Opium for the Masses

Ecology – A New Opium for the Masses

Marxist philosopher Slavoj Žižek discusses the 'naturalization' of capitalism and how ecology became a new field of capitalist investment. He also argues that the ultimate …

Visual of Energy-aware Internet-routing

Energy-aware Internet-routing

Data-hungry companies like Google, Microsoft and Amazon could reduce their energy consumption with 40% by rerouting data to locations where electricity prices are lowest on a …

Visual of Google Everything

Google Everything

Filippo Minelli envisions Google total world domination in his very own stickery manner. See also: Google tracks flue via sick searchers , Google 2084 , Google DNA , Google …

Visual of Growth economy hits the ceiling?

Growth economy hits the ceiling?

We have lived for 200 years in a growth economy . That's more than a lifetime, so it is no surprise people tend to think of economy as infinitely growing. Herman Daly , who …

Visual of Hamburger sneaker

Hamburger sneaker

We are unsure whether it is just an accidental evolutionary recombination, or that the hamburger sneaker was bound to happen – somehow, it feels natural. Our peculiar object of …

Visual of iReligion


Graphic designer Roel Boonen takes the Apple cult to the extreme with this iReligion triptych. His piece is illustrative on how central corporations and digital technology have …

Visual of McTsunami


Peculiar image of the week by Tokyo Genso .

Visual of Post-apocalypse religious artifact

Post-apocalypse religious artifact

Image by: V. V. Kalininski.

Visual of Straight Outta Tokyo

Straight Outta Tokyo

Karera sporting the corporate animals sweater . And pollen allergy. Related post: Corporate animals engraved on laptop . Via Karl .

Visual of Survival of the bankrupt companies

Survival of the bankrupt companies

"In the environment this company will survive for another 500 years." From the advertising campaign of WWF Brasil. Via I believe in advertising . Related post: Wildlife is …

Visual of Brand Mutation: Beersneaker

Brand Mutation: Beersneaker

What happens when brands have sex and make children? The Nike Dunk SB Heineken were a hit amongst sneaker-wearing-beer-drinkers, but unfortunately the child was unofficial. …

Visual of Coke Mutation

Coke Mutation

We're unsure on the survival prospects of this oddly mutated Coca-Pepsi-Cola can. This could be the ultimate coke - if only the current species could interbreed. Peculiar image of …

Visual of Kapitaal


So you thought augmented reality is something new? Guess you are so attuned to the already existing augmentation of reality that you don't even notice it anymore. The short film …

Visual of Kosher Coke

Kosher Coke

Last week I opened a bag of potato crisps that read: "We know the origins of all our ingredients" . As some crisps had already disappeared down my throat, this made me suddenly …

Visual of Next Nature Movie #10 – Idiocracy

Next Nature Movie #10 – Idiocracy

As we are nearing the end of the year, and anticipate you might have some time to watch a film, we discus our top 10 Next Nature movies. Idiocracy (2006) is not a great film, …

Visual of Next Nature Movie #4: Blade Runner

Next Nature Movie #4: Blade Runner

Look around you and try to find the most natural thing in the room you are in now. It is you. Now, you wouldn’t be so sure in the apocalyptic Los Angeles of 2019 depicted in Blade …

Visual of Razorius Gilletus – On the Origin of a Next Species

Razorius Gilletus – On the Origin of a Next Species

Is the evolution of the single bladed razor into an exorbitant five–bladed vibrating gizmo the outcome of human needs, or is there another force in play? Say hello to Razorius …

Visual of Shell Logo Evolution

Shell Logo Evolution

Corporate logos constantly have to adapt in order to survive. In the case of the Shell oil company this results in an image that ironically resembles the ones we know from the …

Visual of Beyond Recognition @ Sameheads Gallery, Berlin

Beyond Recognition @ Sameheads Gallery, Berlin

Coming saturday, your faithful Next Nature editor/designer Hendrik-Jan Grievink will perform Beyond Recognition – a corporate poem about the image of words , at Sameheads Gallery …

Visual of Fata Morgana

Fata Morgana

Finally... A gas station in the ocean! If we all rigorously continue filling up our tanks, this fiction can become a reality one day. This is not a photoshop, this is our peculiar …

Visual of Human Augmentation™

Human Augmentation™

As a gamer, I come across many visions of possible futures. But this trailer from the upcoming video game Deus Ex: Human Revolution , the third part in the Deus Ex series shocked …

Visual of The Story of our Food

The Story of our Food

Every time we eat a piece of food, we take a bite out of the world. All these small bites tell a dozen stories. A carton of eggs presents the story of contented hens, a bottle of …

Visual of We are all born in a World...

We are all born in a World...

...that has been designed already. Peculiar baby of the week. Source: Adbusters , via: Masters of Rietveld .

Visual of Who Needs Real Humans? Not H&M

Who Needs Real Humans? Not H&M

Clothing giant H&M no longer uses real humans in its online catalog. The company has admitted that it pastes real models' heads on computer-generated bodies. At least there's …

Visual of Budweiser Cans Water for Storm Victims

Budweiser Cans Water for Storm Victims

In more next natural news from Hurricane Sandy, Anheuser-Busch, parent company of the American beer brand Budweiser, has been canning water for victims of the disaster. The …

Visual of Huggable Vending Machine

Huggable Vending Machine

Finally a vending machine that doesn't want you money, it wants hugs. Embrace it to get a free can of coke. Might give you rushes of anthropomorphobia too though. Via The Pop-Up …

Visual of Prada Morgana

Prada Morgana

Just image if style would be a primary need.

Visual of Search Where the Sun don’t Shine

Search Where the Sun don’t Shine

You’re spending too much of your time in the sewers of the internet, planning to pigeon-rank your toilet visits or you’re simply feeling lucky? This peculiar shanzhai ’d toilet …

Visual of The Evolutionary History of Office Chairs

The Evolutionary History of Office Chairs

On the shortlist for the year's strangest book title , Jonathan Olivares'  A Taxonomy of Office Chairs charts the "evolution" of chairs from the 1840s to the present day. The …

Visual of Corporate Logos Zoology

Corporate Logos Zoology

The biodiversity of corporate “species” is increasing.

Visual of Razorius Gilletus Flexball Subspecies

Razorius Gilletus Flexball Subspecies

The latest subspecies in the Razorius line is the Razorius Gilletus Flexball. While Gillete proclaims they reinvented shaving, others argue Gillette's new razor is everything that's wrong with America.

Visual of Brand Logos Translated into Chinese

Brand Logos Translated into Chinese

Would you be able to recognize these logos if they were in Chinese?