Ever felt like you're missing a limb when you forget your phone? You're not alone. Our smartphone movie SWIPE explores the phone's impact on life. A visual ode to the gadget you can't live without!


Currently on view: Spacefarming

A burger made from cultured meat, milk from a robotic cow, or potatoes from space. Welcome to the world of the space farmer. Spacefarming takes a closer look at how we can grow our food differently in the future, or even on other planets.

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Currently on view: RetroFuture

Hello time travellers, welcome to the future of yesterday. What will the world look like in five years, 50 years, or even a 1000 years from now? While some predictions have become reality, many remain a fantasy. We still don’t own jetpacks after all. RetroFuture explores how we envisioned the future in the past, and how it shaped us today.

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Meet the Boy who saved his Sister from a Moose attack with his Gaming Skills

Koert van Mensvoort

Norwegian gamer saved his sister from a moose attack with his gaming. He tells us how his experience with video games has shaped his life.

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Mindful Messaging

Koert van Mensvoort

How often do you send meaningless messages that only distract others? It's time for mindful messaging.

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Check your Technoprivilege!

Carl Friedrich Then

Carl Friedrich Then in conversation with Hendrik-Jan Grievink about technoprivilege.

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