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We could power households from the scraps in our food waste bins

Ananya Mukherjee

Imagine if you could power your kettle using the energy generated from the vegetable cuttings quietly breaking down in your kitchen’s compost bin. That reality …


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Cooking with mycelium

Researchers from the University of Colorado created a recipe book to cook with mycelium.

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The expo 'Science Friction' explores living among companion species

Is it possible to imagine other earthly stories? Can we conceive of other ways of living among different species? This exhibition explores these issues with …

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Next Nature Magazine

Virtual influencers, living architecture and microbial fashion; our next nature is already here. It will always surprise, amaze and challenge us. It will never stop—and that’s a wonderful thing. Next Nature Magazine is the ultimate lifestyle guide that explores the changing relationship between people, nature and technology.

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