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Six principles of humane technology

We must be mindful about how we engage with technology: what we use it for, why, and whether it helps or hinders us. Sometimes our tech seems to be flowing in …


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A path to humane technology

In 1486, six years before Columbus dropped anchor in the New World, the 23-year-old Italian nobleman Giovanni Pico della Mirandola penned a passionate …

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The new Next Nature book is here!

We live in a world in which we control the biology of a tomato at such precision, you could think of it as a product of technology, instead of a product of …

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Next Nature Showcase

We are proud to present to you, our largest showcase yet: spanning across three floors, with a total surface of 1200 m2, this exhibition truly is a Next Nature showcase extraordinaire. This is where you get to experience your favourite Next Nature projects in a completely new light.

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