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Visual of Meat Stylus

Meat Stylus

“ Who wants a stylus? ” Words by Apple’s Steve Jobs when introducing the iPhone that uses a revolutionary input device: the finger. And it works wonderfully, yet in some …

Visual of Walter Benjamin on Film and the Senses

Walter Benjamin on Film and the Senses

During the late 1930’s the philosopher Walter Benjamin wrote its widely influential essay ‘The work of Art in the Age of Its Technical Reproducibility’. While describing a general …

Visual of Crowd counter

Crowd counter

Crowd counter is a piece of software able to track moving features within a video clip. It works on the assumption that points that move together are most likely part of the same …

Visual of Meta meta reality

Meta meta reality

Tringo is an online multiplayer game created by Nathan Keir (aka Kermitt Quirk) in December 2004 that runs inside the virtual reality platform Second Life. It is described as a …

Visual of Instant privacy

Instant privacy

Please leave me alone, I'm writing a message.

Visual of Power Aware Cord

Power Aware Cord

The Power Aware Cord transports electrical power while simultaneously visualizing energy usage. Electrical transfer is represented through glowing pulses, flow, and intensity of …

Visual of Release - messages from the deceased

Release - messages from the deceased

'Release' is a product that terminal patients can use to leave audio messages for their relatives, for after their death. People living with the notion that they will soon die …

Visual of Sketch furniture

Sketch furniture

Is it possible to let a first sketch become an object, to design directly onto space? This is a question that Front Design have just asked in their project Sketch Furniture. "The …

Visual of Skinover


In "Dutch dress up" (a travelling exhibition of accesoires by 40 Dutch designers), Silvia B is presenting new glove-models showing a specific skin peculiarity. In general clothes …

Visual of Snoil


Snake, the video game that came out in the mid-to-late 1970s gained popularity in the 1990s for its inclusion on some mobile phones. Perhaps the reason why Martin Frey (Berlin) - …

Visual of The World is not a Desktop

The World is not a Desktop

Mark Weiser (originally written for ACM Interactions ). What is the metaphor for the computer of the future? The intelligent agent? The television (multimedia)? The 3-D graphics …

Visual of USB Flashbag

USB Flashbag

Another gadget. An usb memory stick that is capable of changing its physical size, depending on the amount of data it holds. when the device is about to blow up one can see the …

Visual of Visual Kitchen

Visual Kitchen

This concept is a cutting board that has an integrated scale within a defined area on it's surface. This allows a person to both cut and measure ingredients on the same surface …

Visual of Anti-Protection Vest

Anti-Protection Vest

Let us pretend you are a soldier and you are being sent to war. One of the first questions that should pop into mind: how will you prevent yourself from getting shot? Armor that …

Visual of Augmented Cognition

Augmented Cognition

The Augmented Cognition System will help the brain adapt to data on computer-screens. If there's too much/little data, it will decrease/increase the information for you. If the …

Visual of Avatar machine

Avatar machine

The virtual communities created by online games have provided us with a new medium for social interaction and communication. Avatar Machine is a system which replicates the …

Visual of Brain-computer interface for Second Life

Brain-computer interface for Second Life

While recent developments in brain-computer interface (BCI) technology have given humans the power to mentally control computers, nobody has used the technology in conjunction …

Visual of Car Navigation - Just Follow the Red Cable

Car Navigation - Just Follow the Red Cable

Just follow the yellow brick road ... thin red cable and you know where to go! Instead of looking at a small 6 inch screen, or listening to less than exact turn by turn …

Visual of Can't handle your machine? Just eat it!

Can't handle your machine? Just eat it!

Visual of Die Hard - Vilcus plug dactyloadapter

Die Hard - Vilcus plug dactyloadapter

Many people get a kick out of a direct contact with AC power supply. To that end, people normally use U-shaped fragments of bare wire, paper clips or even usual metal forks. All …

Visual of Electronic tattoos

Electronic tattoos It's like... the future! Check website .

Visual of Fake for Real: World View

Fake for Real: World View

In ancient times, heroes like Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus explored unknown territories of the globe. The climax of these terrestrial explorations was reached at the …

Visual of Funky Forest

Funky Forest

I am a tree and I need water! Dance with me! Guide the river! Together with designer Emily Gobeille , Theodore Watson created the Funky Forest , an interactive ecosystem where …

Visual of Ibar


ibar | video | related post: Reac-table | Shadow-creatures and digi-ants

Visual of iBiogenetics


In 1998 at the introduction of the iMac , Apple declared that the "i" stood for "internet". Apple later adopted the "i" prefix across its consumer hardware and software lines. …

Visual of No transparent frog

No transparent frog

It was in the news all over the world, but wonder why at we have not mentioned the 'invention' of the transparent frog before? Probably because we think the frog is …

Visual of Observe/me Bags

Observe/me Bags

No, these aren't X-ray pictures, these are designers bags! Part of the Observe/me fashion line of bags, wallets, gloves and coats created for the modern observed people. …

Visual of RedesignMe


We are all born in a world that has been designed already. Cars, dishwashers, dildo's, remote controls, ATM machines. Although these products are supposed to make life better, …

Visual of Sao Paulo vs Billboards

Sao Paulo vs Billboards

The mayor of Sao Paulo decided that he was tired of the wildgrowth of billboards in the city. So he decided to take them all down (not personally). This creates a very pre (or …

Visual of Slogan of the Week

Slogan of the Week

The media are disappearing, Nature takes over. Our slogan of the week.

Visual of VeinViewer


Talking about transparent interfaces: this machine uses infrared light for detecting vains under the surface of the skin. Watch video .

Visual of Who wants a stylus?

Who wants a stylus?

"Who wants a stylus?" Words by Apple's Steve Jobs when introducing the iPhone that uses a revolutionary input device: the finger. Using this device you find that it's pretty hard …

Visual of Burka dating

Burka dating

This burka transmits a self-chosen image of the women wearing it over bluetooth to nearby sellphones. It's a concept by Markus Kison, and it seems like no laws of the Koran are …

Visual of Playing with Dry Water

Playing with Dry Water

The Waterboard is an interactive installation by Mike Burton giving the user a chance to play with water without getting wet. By drawing lines on the whiteboard, the water will …

Visual of Google DNA search

Google DNA search

Last year Google invested four million in 23andme , a commercial research center that maps out your DNA for 1000 bucks. Now Google also invested in Navigenics , a company that …

Visual of Type trousers

Type trousers

Beauty and the Geek jeans by Erik de Nijs. The trousers offer a full Querty keyboard layout as well as a mouse, speakers and a little joystick. As he calls it: "Beauty is skin …

Visual of Work in progress

Work in progress

"I think we are all "work in progress", this necklace is featuring a cool progress bar to indicate that." Nice work Irina!

Visual of A hermit crab in a glass house

A hermit crab in a glass house

Never thought I would ever empathize with a hermit crab. But somehow the 'situation' the creature is in, provides me with a feeling of recognition. According to this video marine …

Visual of Augmented Phone Browsing

Augmented Phone Browsing

This video shows the first beta version of TwittARound – an augmented reality Twitter viewer on the iPhone 3Gs. It shows live tweets around your location on the horizon. Because …

Visual of Brainwave Binoculars

Brainwave Binoculars

The eye passes on more information to the brain than the brain will process. In that sense, the brain functions as a filter. But on the battlefield the risk of neglecting …

Visual of Mapping the human desire to be touched

Mapping the human desire to be touched

Fleshmap touch investigates the collective perception of erogenous zones. Hundreds of people ranked how good it would feel to touch or be touched by a lover in different points of …

Visual of Project Natal: You are the Cursor

Project Natal: You are the Cursor

Today browsing and gaming is dominated by the shortcomings of machines, for machines simply do not know who is on the other end. Man needs to interact; therefore man needs to …

Visual of Re-visualizing Molecular Science

Re-visualizing Molecular Science

I vividly remember being offended throughout my high-school education because 'atoms' where consistently presented as these perfect slick round little spheres. At one time I even …

Visual of Schöne Aussichten

Schöne Aussichten

Schöne Aussichten is a photo series created by Wibke Schaub .

Visual of Second Sight - Augmented Contacts

Second Sight - Augmented Contacts

Getting information as fast as possible and on the spot is the trend. So what could be more direct than having information fired directly into the eye? Today - together with his …

Visual of Sixth Sense

Sixth Sense

Although this TED video has been all over the web and commented on this website already, it still deserves a separate post: Desigineers Pattie Maes and Pranav Mistry of the MIT …

Visual of The anatomy of fun

The anatomy of fun

This guy put his work as an x-ray technician and his gaming hobby together and put his (old) gaming devices under the scanner. I was surprised how some of them actually look like …

Visual of USB condom

USB condom

As soon as the USB Condom detects a virus, built-in software shuts off USB access, verifies the problem, removes the nasty bug, then reopens the communication bridge to your …

Visual of Digital Trashcan in a Physical Office

Digital Trashcan in a Physical Office

The Swedish design group Front brings the principle of the digital computerdesktop trashcan back to the physical world. When your trashcan basket is full it bulges outward. When …

Visual of Digitally Enhance your Ego

Digitally Enhance your Ego

Avatars, almost every internet user has at least one of them running around somewhere on the web. We control then in numerous games and forums, but do they also control us? …

Visual of Intimacy Dress

Intimacy Dress

The Intimacy dress takes our notion personal space to a next level: the closer someone approaches, the more transparent the dress becomes. As such, the garment becomes a sort of …

Visual of MANKO & Plagiarism [#1]

MANKO & Plagiarism [#1]

In this first review of the works of Manko, we'll discuss the complex sorts of plagiarism in Augmented Reality art that are typical for our contemporary art scene. This introduces …

Visual of Once you enter, you are the Car

Once you enter, you are the Car

Martin Heidegger and Marshall Mcluhan already described people's tendency to extend their identities in the animate objects when interacting with them. When for instance, driving …

Visual of The Footsticker

The Footsticker

There are many advantages of bare feet sporting: better motion control, more feeling in your feet and direct floor contact, etc. In this way you are more grounded and more aware …

Visual of The Human LED screen

The Human LED screen

All living creates produce light by default, so do humans . Now researchers from US, China, Korea and Singapore collaborated have collaborated in order to create ultra-thin …

Visual of Transparency Suit

Transparency Suit

Image consumption has never been as cool as in this brand new clip by Studio Smack , which was created for the upcoming Graphic Design Festival . The ‘Transparency Suit' …

Visual of A day made of glass

A day made of glass

This video shows the design vision of Corning, a company that specializes in glass. Not just any glass, but glass incorporating technology, electronics and displays. And it sure …

Visual of It's a plane!

It's a plane!

By nature, man is not meant to fly. But while we're at it, we may as well turn it into an experience . Charles Champion, Airbus Executive Vice President Engineering, envisions a …

Visual of Kitten Ears – Blushing 2.0

Kitten Ears – Blushing 2.0

Always wanted a pair of kitten ears to express your feelings to the world? Well, you probably never thought of that – as you have to be a Japanese genius to come up with such an …

Visual of Nano Skin Prosthetics

Nano Skin Prosthetics

Nano-skin may let amputees feel again.

Visual of Phone Camouflage

Phone Camouflage

In twenty years , the mobile phone has become man's closest utensil. Can you imagine living without this umbilical box? Too bad it's often still a box that we hold to our ears... …

Visual of Physical Scrollbars

Physical Scrollbars

Scrollbars is a series of installations and physical scrollbar-representations created by Dutch artist Jan Robert Leegte. According to the artist, most of us consider the …

Visual of Swallowable Parfum

Swallowable Parfum

Swallowable Parfum is a digestible scented capsule that works through your own perspiration. Once absorbed, fragrance molecules are excreted through the skin’s surface. A unique …

Visual of Tattoo 2.0

Tattoo 2.0

As a child you probably had one of those temporary tattoos that come packed with over-sweetened chewing gum. It was a nice decoration, and a way to stand out. Recently researchers …

Visual of Voodoo Phone

Voodoo Phone

Japanese professor Hiroshi Ishiguro from Osaka University has quite a track record of threading the uncanny valley. Remember his Doppelgänger Robot and Geminoid Female ? His …

Visual of Book as Human-Computer Interface

Book as Human-Computer Interface

In combining the classic feeling of handling a book with the interactivity of the computer, Waldek W?grzyn of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Poland, has created a new human-computer interface.

Visual of Illiterate Kids Learn to Hack Tablet Computers with No Outside Help

Illiterate Kids Learn to Hack Tablet Computers with No Outside Help

The One Laptop Per Child program is experimenting with what at first seems to be the lazy way to philanthropy: dropping off tablet computers in remote Ethiopian villages  and then …

Visual of Swiss Army Nails

Swiss Army Nails

Functional multi-tool manicure. Comes in handy at a party where you can't find a bottle opener. Peculiar image of the week. Unfortunately, neither the human responsible for the …

Visual of Transfer Your Window!

Transfer Your Window!

Imagine you buy a special kind of window which you can place on your wall wherever you want, enabling you to get different views, not always looking at the same tree or house of your neighbors.

Visual of Transparent Smart Window

Transparent Smart Window

Displays have been on our desks for too long. Samsung makes space and introduces the Transparent Smart Window . This LCD touchscreen is powered by the sunlight shining from the …

Visual of Control Your Mobile Phone or Tablet Directly from Your Brain

Control Your Mobile Phone or Tablet Directly from Your Brain

Samsung is working on a brain interface that lets you go truly hands-free with your phone.

Visual of Google Wants to Tattoo a Phone Onto Your Throat

Google Wants to Tattoo a Phone Onto Your Throat

Google has just submitted a patent for lie-detecting throat tattoo that can also make calls.

Visual of Use a Touchscreen Without Touching it

Use a Touchscreen Without Touching it

UltraHaptics is a system for creating haptic feedback in mid-air, offering new kind of interactions with our touchscreens.

Visual of Google's Smart Interactive Clothing

Google's Smart Interactive Clothing

Project Jacquard makes it possible to weave touch and gesture interactivity into any textile.

Visual of Scientists Connected a Brain to a Tablet

Scientists Connected a Brain to a Tablet

Severely paralyzed woman controls a tablet with her brain.

Visual of The Ephemeral Future of Internet Data

The Ephemeral Future of Internet Data

What the Internet would look like if all data were ephemeral?

Visual of Smart Fabric Might Be the Key to the Future

Smart Fabric Might Be the Key to the Future

Researchers designed a smart fabric able to encode data readable by a magnetometer, like the one in your phone, without electronics or batteries.