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Anthropocene: the Shrinking of Aral Sea

Alessia Andreotti
October 2nd 2014
As a consequence of a big water diversion project to irrigate surrounding areas the Aral Sea is drying up.

The Anthropocene Explosion

Van Mensvoort
September 28th 2014
We have entered the Anthropocene epoch, in which humanity and its instrumentalities are the most potent and influential geological force.

Spend Eternity As An Artificial Coral Reef

Alessia Andreotti
September 2nd 2014
After death you could have your ashes made into a rock to form the base of an “eternal memorial reef” .

Street Lights Permanently Change the Ecology of Local Bugs

Allison Guy
August 19th 2014
Streetlights affect local ecologies for a longer duration, and at a higher level in the food web, than previously thought.

A Net will Collect Debris from Outer Space

Julia Weber
June 11th 2014
JAXA developes a net that could collect debris from outer space.

The Moon will Become a WiFi Zone

Alessia Andreotti
June 1st 2014
Researchers proved it is possible to provide the Moon with the wireless connectivity we have on Earth.

Painting the Anthropocene

Alessia Andreotti
May 23rd 2014
Govedare paints the human impact on natural environments, showing how nature has become a subset of culture.

Nile by Night

Van Mensvoort
April 3rd 2014
Old nature lid up by next nature.

Lunar Solar Power Generation

Alessia Andreotti
January 15th 2014
Japanese engineers plan to turn the moon into a giant solar panel station.

The Only Blue Sky in Beijing is Fake

November 10th 2013
Blade Runner becomes reality in China. Just try not to breathe.
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