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E-Skin Makes You Control Objects Without Touching Them

Charlotte Kuijpers
January 30th 2018
Scientists developed an e-skin that lets the wearer manipulate virtual objects without touching them, by using magnetic fields.

Smart Ring Turns Thumb Gestures into Words and Numbers

Belen Munoz
January 22nd 2018
From the Georgia Institute of Technology arrives FingerSound, a smart ring that recognizes thumb gestures and converts them into words and numbers.

Chat with Plants in the Botanical Garden

Camille Charluet
September 5th 2017
Exploring methods to better connect people to the natural world, Waag Society, in collaboration with the Dutch Botanical Gardens Association, have developed an app that allows visitors to talk with plants.

When the Sun Casts Its Vote

Jack Caulfield
September 1st 2017
Space weather can influence elections on Earth.

Celebrate World WiFi Day

June 20th 2017
Download the WiFi Angels App: next time when you search for WiFi, just follow the angels.

Bacteria Use Electronic Messaging

Julie Reindl
February 18th 2017
Bacteria use electronic messaging system to recruit new workers.

Future of Feelings: Emotion Reading Radio

Mathilde Nakken
October 3rd 2016
Researchers have the developed the EQ-Radio: a tool to read people emotions from a distance.

A Step Further in the Race Against AI

Alejandro Alvarez
September 20th 2016
Today, we all have superpowers. It may not seem like it because we are attached to our physical devices to use our powers, but with a Neural Lace that may soon change.

Microsoft Is Betting on Mixed Reality

Ruben Baart
August 9th 2016
The Microsoft HoloLens is a holographic computer that enables you to interact with high-definition holograms through augmented reality.

PC Problems? Better Call a Witch!

Margherita Olivo
January 22nd 2016
Meet the witch who casts viruses out of computers with magic.
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