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Living robots made from frog stem cells may revolutionize medicine

Freya Hutchings
January 21st 2020

At just a millimeter wide, Xenobots are “neither a traditional robot nor a known species of animal", they are "a new class of artifact: a living, programmable organism”, says researcher Joshua Bongard in a recent press release. The unprecedented life forms were made using stem cells harvested from the embryos of an African frog species, Xenopus Laevis. The cells were then reconfigured and manipulated by scientists to perform various tasks, with enlightening results. The tiny organisms hold huge promise for …

It could be time to start thinking about a cybernetic Bill of Rights

Mike Ryder
January 6th 2020

Like it or loathe it, the robot revolution is now well underway and the futures described by writers such as Isaac Asimov, Frederik Pohl and Philip K. Dick are fast turning from science fiction into science fact. But should robots have rights? And will humanity ever reach a point where human and machine are treated the same?

At the heart of the debate is that most fundamental question: what does it mean to be human? Intuitively, we all think we …

This exhibition investigates how humanity will live tomorrow

November 28th 2019

Occupying the 52nd floor of Tokyo’s Mori Tower, Mori Art Museum is internationally renowned for its visionary approach and highly original curation of contemporary art. The museum’s latest exhibition, Future and the Arts: AI, Robotics, Cities, Life - How Humanity Will Live Tomorrow, is a comprehensive investigation into the near future, a space in which speculation becomes reality for the duration of your visit.

The exhibition builds a diverse picture of what our world may look like in 20 to …

This exhibition looks at how robots are changing the world we live in

November 7th 2019

Delve into the science and fiction of robots at V&A Dundee’s latest exhibition: Hello, Robot. Contemplate the existence of robots and how they have both shaped, and been shaped by technology, culture and design. See for yourself how the boundaries between human and machine have become increasingly blurred; understand how we got here, and take note of the increasing power of designers to influence the future of such technologies.

Hello, Robot has over 200 objects on display, and takes visitors …

This brain-controlled exoskeleton allows a paralyzed man to walk again

Freya Hutchings
October 7th 2019

A breakthrough technology that responds to signals from the brain has transformed the life of a paralyzed 28-year-old man called Thibault. Four years after the initial incident that paralysed him, Thibault is walking again. Thanks to a combination of revolutionary technology and immense brain power, he is able to operate a full-body exoskeleton.

“When you are in my position, when you can’t do anything with your body […] I wanted to do something with my brain,” Thibault said.

This is …

The social animals that are inspiring new behaviors for robot swarms

Edmund Hunt
April 11th 2019

From flocks of birds to fish schools in the sea, or towering termite mounds, many social groups in nature exist together to survive and thrive. This cooperative behaviour can be used by engineers as “bio-inspiration” to solve practical human problems, and by computer scientists studying swarm intelligence.

“Swarm robotics” took off in the early 2000s, an early example being the “s-bot” (short for swarm-bot). This is a fully autonomous robot that can perform basic tasks including navigation and the grasping …

Why Next Nature Network is hiring an army of bots

April 11th 2019

As we showed with HUBOT, we can use new technologies and robotics to make our work more enjoyable, interesting and humane. Aside from our speculative jobs, a lot of robotic companions already exist. Think about the robotic fish that observes marine life, the breathing pillow that helps you sleep and robotic arms that assist the surgeon. So why not join forces at Next Nature Network?

Not working against, but with robots!

Over the past few years, we have been actively …

The religion named Artificial Intelligence

Linda Valenta
April 5th 2019

Would you pray to a Robot deity? A group of Japanese buddhists is already doing so. Meet Mindar, the robot divinity shaped after the buddhist Goddess of Mercy, also known as Kannon. Kyoto based Kodaiji Temple recruited Osaka University’s head of intelligent robotics Hiroshi Ishiguro to design this million dollar robot. Its purpose? To encourage youngsters to engage with buddhism again.

Mindar’s silicone face represents a gender neutrality that aims to move beyond human representation. Supplemented with aluminium body parts, …

Sophia the Robot has a sister: Little Sophia

Ruben Baart
February 7th 2019

Robot Sophia is pretty much the international face of the ‘modern robot’. Sophia is the Audrey Hepburn-inspired humanoid robot who stands out for multiple reasons. She is the first robot granted human citizenship (in Saudi Arabia) and has met up with more politicians and celebrities than one would meet in a lifetime. Sophia is advanced, yet not very portable and expensive.

Now the superstar robot has a little sister: Little Sophia, an educational companion for ages 7-13 getting kids excited …

Watch this lifelike robot fish swim through the ocean

Vanessa Bates Ramirez
January 7th 2019

Earth’s oceans are having a rough go of it these days. On top of being the repository for millions of tons of plastic waste, global warming is affecting the oceans and upsetting marine ecosystems in potentially irreversible ways.…

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